Whats the deal about matts?



The Deal About Matts



can be painlessly removed with conditioner & careful combing.

dog with tangle - the invisible straitjacket

tangle - the invisible straitjacket

Matts form because of coat neglect. There is NO other reason.

The ONLY way to prevent tangles, knots & matts from forming is to brush your pet's coat. Properly. Regularly. A comb is the most effective tool.

Particular attention should be paid to legs, feet, undercarriage, armpits, ears, collar & chest areas, tail, cheeks & genital areas.


can be painlessly removed with conditioner & very careful unpicking with a comb.

A groomer can painlessly dematt a moderately knotted coat with specialist techniques & products.

knotted dog - the invisible straitjacket

knots - the invisible straitjacket

Debris can lodge in knots, making your pet's coat unhygienic.

Spiky or jaggy plant matter, food, small objects, urine & faecal matter adhere to the coat. If not removed they are locked in the knots.

Incorrect bathing, drying & superficial brushing will tighten the coat.


Matting release is a specialised task best left to a skilled groomer, who can safely & painlessly remove the neglected coat.

matted dog - the invisible straitjacket

matt - the invisible straitjacket

The loose & dead hair in your pet's coat is no longer able to moult naturally.

The matting packs progressively closer to your pet's skin. It pulls tighter together, making it uncomfortable for your pet to move about normally.

Bacteria thrives in this moist, warm environment, increasing the risk of infection. The matts can harbour parasitic mites, fleas & ticks.

Severe matting

Clipper blades can only pass underneath matting.

It is NOT possible to clip through matting.

severely matted dog - the invisible straitjacket

matts - the invisible straitjacket

Even after weeks of neglect, your pet's coat may simply look ”untidy”.

The pelted fleece is forming very close to the skin, hidden beneath the surface of the coat.

The coat is no longer be to dry out completely, increasing the risk of hair & skin rotting. Organic debris trapped in the matting will decay & may smell unpleasant.

Pelted fleece

pelted dog - the invisible straitjacket

pelt - the invisible straitjacket

How would you feel if your best friend ALLOWED this to happen to you?

Matting is a welfare issue.

Please be responsible about managing your pet's coat.

Grooming is for

EVERY dog.


If you can't get a comb through every part of your dog's coat, its matted.

Any humane de-matting will be undertaken solely at my discretion, in compliance with The Animal Health and Welfare Act. De-matting during a routine groom is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

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