Grooming Services

Poppys Pet Parlour.
A full range of grooming services are offered at Poppys Pet Parlour.
The Full Groom
A consultation to discuss your dogs needs.
Brush out tangles and light matts,
A warm bath using appropriate professional products,
Towel dry,
Fluff dry and brush,
Styled to your requirements either by clipping or scissoring.
Nails trimmed if neccessary and fur removed from pads,
Ears cleaned and plucked if neccessary.
Sanitary areas cleaned.
A light mist of designer doggie fragrance. 
The Bath and dry
Ideal for short coated breeds or as a maintainence in between full groom sessions for longer coated breeds
This will not be possible on overgrown  outside of the recommended grooming schedule/ matted / knotty coats. 
Brush out,
Bath using appropriate professional grooming products,
Towel dry,
Fluff dry,
Nails trimmed and fur removed from pads.
Feet trimmed,
A light mist of designer doggie fragrance.
The Puppy Groom
It is important for your dog to experience grooming from a young age whether they have a quick brush or a full groom.  The process of your puppy meeting the groomer and having a positive and trusting experience makes any future trips to the groomer a pleasant one.
Therefore your requirements and pricing for this varies and this can be discussed prior to you booking.
 De Matting.
At Poppys Pet Parlour i will not put a dog through the stressful and sometimes painful process of brushing out a heavily matted dog.  In these cases the kindest way to deal with this is to clip the dog short and advice will be given on how to maintain the dogs coat as it grows back.
Obviously most dogs do have some light matted fur underarms and behind ears which isnt a problem and will be covered in the full grooming service described above.
Ear plucking / Nail trimming
 This is only possible if the dog is compliant and there is no evidence of infection.  If neccessary the dog will be refered to the vet.
Nail trimming will be performed at every visit if necessary.  If the dog becomes aggressive this will not be possible and the dog will be refered to the vet.
Poppys Pet Parlour operates an appointment system.  Please call us on 07495640174

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